We love the shit out of wood, and see it as a valuable resource.

The Wood Project Timber Slabs and Furniture

The Wood Project

At The Wood Project, we love the shit out of reclaimed wood and see it as a valuable resource.

Red gum forests are being depleted and suburban households remove unwanted trees every day — due to rot (trees do have a lifespan), to build on their land or for developers to clear blocks for schools and reserves. But what happens to these trees? Most are treated as a burden and chipped away.

We wanted to make a difference and so The Wood Project was born: giving trees that would normally be destined for woodchips or firewood, a second life.

At The Wood Project we are serious about what we do, and preserving what we can. We salvage, mill and kiln-dry all our salvaged timber; none of our logs are sourced from forestry. We build custom furniture and most of our pieces come with a unique back story of the tree’s history. These one-off pieces are designed to be cherished and admire for a lifetime.

Come visit our workshop and choose from one of the many beautiful, raw timber slabs waiting to be turned into a bespoke piece for your home, office, restaurant or store.

If you are home owner that needs a tree removed, call us to arrange an obligation free quote. With The Wood Project, no tree goes to waste.

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