We love the shit out of wood, and we see it as a valuable resource.


The Wood Project

At TWP We love the shit out of wood, we see it as a valuable resource.
Red gum forests are being depleted while suburban households remove unwanted trees everyday and the wood can be treated as a burden – chipped away!!!

We have been studying the wood and the firewood industry for a number of years now and we thought something needed to be done!!

We love wood and use wood heating but we don’t love buying red gum or box wood or any wood really that has been removed solely for the purpose of firewood.

It’s a travesty and we want to make a difference, so the idea was formed…..why cant we make use of the trees that are being taken down….these trees are coming down anyways, home owners need to take down trees that have started to rot, home owners need to take down trees to build on their land, developers need to clear blocks, schools and reserves need to take down trees that are no longer needed – what is being done with these trees?

Mostly they are chipped away, occasionally the wood is used as firewood – but remember, wood needs to season….you can not burn a tree that has just been taken down, this is called “green wood” it is very bad for the environment to burn green wood and really there is no use; it smokes and doesn’t actually get hot!

Since commencing TWP we have realized a lot of our logs are beautiful Australian hardwood timbers and in some cases the quality is just too good to process as firewood, so we are recycling these in an even better way – if you are interested in acquiring beautiful timber slabs and recycled building products you can get in contact with us today.

If you are a home owner that needs your tree removed we urge you to call The Wood Project to organise an obligation free quote and make sure that your tree is recycled.

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