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  • Why you should choose a post and rail fence

    You don’t need a large rural property to enjoy the benefits of a post and rail fence. At The Wood Project we’re seeing more and more demand for this type of fencing for residential homes.

    Choosing post and rail fencing will bring rustic charm and character to your property, without costing you an arm and a leg. Post and rail is also one of the easiest fences to install with most of our customers DIY homeowners – you don’t need to be a fencer to enjoy this cost effective and aesthetically pleasing fence. 

    Traditionally post and rail fencing was used on farms or rural properties to keep horses, livestock and other large animals contained in addition to defining boundaries and separating production zones from one another. Today these fences are making a big impact on residential homes, not just acreage! 

    Practicality aside, it’s the aesthetic appeal of post and rail fencing that we love. This fence gives definition to space, while allowing unobstructed views – great for the rolling hills of rural properties but also great for suburbia when you don’t want to feel caged in.

    If you long for that laid-back, country feel, a post and rail fence can provide this while still presenting a smart and tidy option, be it beach shack, rustic farmhouse or Hamptons style you are channelling.

    Once installed there is next to no maintenance with all rails slotting snugly into the pre-mortised posts. We recommend 2.4m rail spans which not only look great but also ensure you will not get sagging rails down the track. The fence can be painted any colour to tie it back to your house or left raw for added character. Staining or painting your fence will significantly prolong the life of the timber and The Wood Project recommend Cutek CD 50.

    The Wood Project uses salvaged Australian cypress logs to create our posts and we mill to order. An environmentally friendly option that will add street appeal, value and rustic charm to your property.

    With 4 pricing options and two additional upgrade options, there’s a solution to suit any budget and style. For more information or to request a quote for your next fencing project send us an email or give us a call!

    • Note: Post spans are 2.4m
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