Dining Tables built from sustainable kiln dried timber slabs

Have you always wanted a bespoke dining table?

Boy have you come to the right place! TWP salvage all of our timber from tree removal, none of our logs are sourced from forestry or overseas.

We salvage the logs from backyards, local farms, block clearing jobs – and more –  and then the real journey begins! We mill, rack, dry and kiln dry the timber to produce bespoke, one off pieces of furniture to be cherished and admired for a lifetime.

All of our timber slabs have a story, we salvage every log ourselves so we know where each and every slab is from. Some of the trees we have saved from chipping are over 180 years old, so the timber we provide is rare and exquisite.

TWP have a wide range of timber to choose from, depending on your measurements we can provide tables made with a single slab, joined slabs, live edge, straight edge and in an array of timber colours from blondes, browns and reds. We design the steel legs and get them fabricated and powder coated – choosing the perfect colour to accentuate our beautiful timbers.

Prices start from $5,000 – based on a large 6 seater table (Dimensions: 1800mm x 1000mm)

Come and visit our factory and choose from our many raw slabs waiting to be turned into a bespoke piece for your home, office, restaurant or store. You can also view display stock – fall in love with it and its all yours! – or give us a call to discuss what we can build for you.

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