The Only Truly Sustainable Firewood Company in Melbourne. 

If you care about the environment you have come to the right place to keep warm……..

TWP recycle logs from suburban tree removal, logs that would otherwise be wasted (chipped away!!). We only process hardwood into our firewood mix – which includes; messmate, red gum, sugar gum, tea tree, box wood, mahogany, manna gum, oak etc. Our wood is seasoned off the ground, in perfect ventilated conditions to ensure low moisture content which then gives you, the firewood user optimum wood that burns long and hot in your fireplace, wood heater, fire pit or double split wood perfect for pizza ovens.

TWP supply firewood in 1 tonne ventilated bulk bags – which hold 1 cubic metre of seasoned hardwood. Crane truck delivered and deposited neatly. Say Goodbye to piles of wood dumped in your driveway and Hello to a world of convenience. Who has time to stack double split wood? You don’t need to anymore, bulk bags take all the hard work out of storing, stacking and managing your firewood. The only solution for restaurants, cafes, hotels and private residents.

Being that bulk bags are a flexible material our firewood stacks well, with minimal air gaps, meaning you actually do get a cubic metre, unlike our competitors who stack firewood into crates creating large air gaps, meaning most times you are not actually getting a cubic metre.

  • 1m3 bulk bags – Firewood  ($160 + delivery) or pick up from yard 
  • 250kg Firewood ($100) 
  • 120kg Firewood boot loads $60 or 60kg wheel barrow loads ($35)
  • 18kg Firewood bags ($18) 
  • 7kg kindling bags ($12.00)


  • New for 2019; Budget Mix Firewood $110 1m3 – Pick up Only. 


  • 1m3 bulk bags – Double Split – Pizza Oven ($195) pick up only
  • 250kg Double Split – Pizza Oven wood ($130)
  • 120kg Double Split – Pizza Oven wood ($75)  
  • 60kg Double Split – Pizza Oven wood ($40)
  • 18kg Double Split – Pizza Oven wood ($24)


Contact us today to discuss your firewood needs, crane truck delivery is subject to driveway access and delivery costs vary upon suburb (approx. $50). Or drop into the yard to pick up a cubic metre or a wheel barrow load of wood loaded into your car boot -perfect for a weekend away.