The Wood Project: Offering a wide range of kiln dried timber in Melbourne

In order to use any timber effectively it should have an optimum level of moisture. TWP can produce the optimum moisture content for making furniture by kiln drying our timber slabs, this enables the timber to be dried in a controlled environment reducing timber defects considerably. If you are after Kiln dried timber in Melbourne The Wood Project is your answer.  To learn more about what species of timber we have please click here.

Get in Touch:

We specialise in salvaging trees, throughout all of Melbourne, as such we have an unmatched selection of species available, get in touch with us today for kiln dried timber in Melbourne.  If you’ve got a tree that needs to be removed and you want to use the timber to make something special then please contact us or drop in and see us at the yard, remember to phone ahead to ensure that we are there as our site hours change day to day.

1947 Frankston – Flinders Road Hastings 3915

Phone: 0425 823 402

Email: info@thewoodproject.com.au